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Post by ripperzeta on Wed May 29, 2013 6:23 am

Welcome to the Ansonite Federation Forums.
We are glad that you have chosen to visit us, feel free to look around, join in on the conversations.
If you are here to join of one of the best alliance in the virtual world of Pixel Nations, and are a bit confused as to how to go about doing so, we have compiled a concise tutorial on how to apply as a member

Tutorial 1

Prior to even starting the application process you need to make sure your nation information is in your forum profile. To do this click on Profile Tab.. there you go..... edit your profile all the way you want.

Application Tutorial - Dummies LarasjT

Then enter your birthdate and your PN Nation link:

Application Tutorial - Dummies MlOk0U2
Application Tutorial - Dummies 7YlVp5u

Of course this is not mandatory but it more fun to see your birthday and a link ready for other members to visit. In any case enjoy!

Tutorial 2

You will be using the following application . Please make sure that you have answered ALL questions completely. Please copy the thread below (Copy/Paste) and now you are ready to submit your application!
PN Forum Name (if none/unsure leave blank):
IRC Nick (if none/unsure leave blank):
Recruited By (if none/unsure leave blank):
How did you hear about the Ansonite Federation?:

Link to Nation:
Please list previous alliances if any:
How long a member?:
Why did you leave?:

Why do you want to join The Ansonite Federation?:
What can you offer to The Ansonite Federation? (RP and cyber skills, Terrorism, etc):
What do you expect from the Federation?:


Under and above the forum of Citizenship Application

you will see a button like this --->
Application Tutorial - Dummies QjxM4E8

Create a new topic

Under your title please put "Pending Application - Ruler Name"

Now paste the thread that you copied earlier..... and voila! just answer completely and with honesty all the questions.

Example Below:

Application Tutorial - Dummies CHXZgx0

Got it all filled out? Well done, now comes the point of no return, If you are sure this is what you want to do, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the highlighted button or look for something it says "Post New Topic or Send", if you still are not sure, close your browser, shut off the computer and go see whats on Television tonight. Shocked


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